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It’s critical for companies entering the Blockchain market to have relevant, accurate and timely information to make decisions. While the cryptocurrency market is constantly changing, it does have its own unique nuances. We often see questions arise such as:

  1. What is the process to buy cryptocurrency?
  2. What cryptocurrencies should we invest in long-term and why ?
  3. Can you perform due diligence on a specific token ?
    • Does this token have a solid proof-of-concept ?
    • Does this token have a strong team that can execute ?
  4. What is your recommendation on this upcoming ICO ?
  5. What is a good crypto Exchange to trade on ?
  6. What is the state of the Cryptocurrency Market ? Should we buy now or wait ?
  7. What’s the best Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet ?
    • Can you run an independent evaluation process in house ?
    • Can you set up a Bitcoin hardware wallet for our company ?

As you can imagine, the answers to these questions change over time. What you may read on Monday, may be outdated on Wednesday.

How We’re  Different

We are an independent, full service Blockchain consulting company. We don’t pump up tokens or cryptocurrencies. We also don’t have the heavy handed sales practices of the BIG-4 consulting companies either! Our laser like focus, is to add value to your business with practical, actionable advice and real, tangible results.

We eat, breathe and sleep Blockchain. Yes, we also invest in cryptocurrency! As such, we know exactly what works and what doesn’t. With real-world, hands on experience, we understand both the technology and the market, inside out.


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