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The ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is one of the most exciting days in the life of a Blockchain entrepreneur. On this day, the public can buy tokens and all the hard work in the Pre ICO starts to pay off.

However this is not a time to sit back and relax. Things can and do go wrong. It’s normal for hundreds or thousands of investors to reach out to you in just one day and all of them expect an immediate answer. This is often a very high pressure, stressful, but enjoyable milestone that you’ll never forget.

Service Offering

We provide a full-service or an à la carte option to suit your unique requirements including:

  • Infrastructure Monitoring and Management
    • Will your web site cope with all the traffic at once?
    • Are you protected against DDOS and other malicious attacks?
  • Oversight of the Token Sale Open Day
  • Oversight of the Token Sale Closing Day
  • Social Media Management
  • Scenario Workshops
    • What happens when 100+ people per hour, start to ask questions about your ICO ?
    • What do you do when scammers try to hijack your ICO ?
    • How do you combat a misinformation campaign (about your ICO) from a competitor or influencer ?

Many of these risks and issues are inherent to ICO’s and are a part of the landscape. However its critical that they appropriately managed. When an ICO goes live, information can spread like wildfire. Just one hiccup, advertised on social media, can cost millions in lost revenue.


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