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We provide full-service and à la carte offerings to our clients in the areas of:

  • Communications Strategy
  • Media Relations
  • Crisis Management

How We’re  Different

Our focus is on adding value to the business and reducing reputational risk for our Clients. We are the complete opposite of your typical “management consulting” or “digital media” agency that’s obsessed with meeting sales targets and is detached from the realities of running a business.

  • Our experience spans categories including banking, finance, insurance and FMCG.
  • We work in high pressure, multi-stakeholder, highly regulated businesses including large public (listed) and private companies.

Crisis Management

The reality is that things can go wrong with Technology:

  • Internal IT staff or external Service Providers inadvertently causing business disruption
  • Hackers compromising sensitive personal data leading to reputational risks
  • Unwanted media attention
  • State sponsored threats
  • Regulator intervention

As such, its critical to have a plan in place to manage these risks and issues that could arise.

Media Relations

The media has no shortage of stories to run and journalists are time poor. While many businesses have a standard set of contacts within their market, that doesn’t necessarily translate to Blockchain industry.

As your partner in Media and Communications, we work with our Clients to create the best possible content, whether its for your internal stakeholders, journalists or be shared by your customers.


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