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The Post ICO (Initial Coin Offering) stage is another significant milestone. On one hand, you have investors who are very excited that they now own tokens. On the other hand, there is significant pressure to announce partnerships and Exchange listings.

How We’re Different

We know first-hand that the Post ICO period can be a relief from the pressures of the Pre ICO. Having been involved with many ICO’s, we see that investors will often have unrealistic expectations regarding their return on their investment. Those inherent risks bring with them a number of issues that need to be managed.

Service Offering

We provide a full-service or an à la carte option to suit your unique requirements including:

  • Airdrop Campaigns
  • Reputation Management
    • Addressing Issues From the Pre ICO or ICO
  • Partnerships
    • Managing Announcements and Expectations
  • Exchange Listings
    • Negotiating Listing Contracts
    • Complying with Obligations

From this point onwards, this is about your team and the value that your cryptocurrency is going to bring to the world. You’ve raised the capital, developed the infrastructure and now its time to get listed on Exchanges and make it happen!


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