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Creating, incubating and communicating the value proposition of Blockchain, requires both a deep technical understanding and the ability to apply it to your business.

How We Are Different

We have a solid track record of 20+ years in the IT industry with a depth and breadth of experience in Strategy and Innovation. In partnership with our clients, we provide that strategic understanding of Blockchain, enabling:

  • Use Cases and Proof of Concepts through to Pilots and New Projects
  • Gap Analysis of Your Existing Projects
  • Market Assessment of the Blockchain Ecosystem
  • Realising Productivity Gains
  • Identifying Potential Opportunities
  • Educating Staff

We understand that Executives will ask you questions such as:

  • What’s Blockchain?
  • What are we (you) doing with it?
  • What’s our strategy?
  • Can I see it?
  • Can you do a presentation to our Department on Blockchain?
  • Can you write something for our Blog / Newsletter / Department on Blockchain?

That’s where we add value, by doing the heavy lifting for you and ensuring business benefits are realized.


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